Restart StakeCoin to StakeChain

The real StakeCoin was founded in December 2014 and restart of CinniCoin, one of the first Prove of Stake currencies. Most of the community members lost their interest lack of development and mission and there was no listing on a popular exchange.

A fork was created on Oktober 2015 with a fixed reward of 0.5 STK and since then no new development but some people maintain the network and earned the generated STK and make them big holders.

In March 2017 StakeCoin came on NovaExchange and there some people sold huge amounts of StakeCoin for almost nothing! But NovaExchange announced by the end of 2017 that they were closing and the trading stops because all STK was sold and traders withdrew all their funds.

No active exchange since then only Yobit Exchange but their wallet is not connected to the current blockchain and they never react to requests from the community to use the new fork source.

Jan Clement, founder of EnergyCoin Foundation is now the rescuer of StakeCoin and has the vision for a fair version of Prove of Stake that he wants to test and implement in the StakeCoin sourcecode.

His alter-ego kawa900jc on Bitcointalk started a new start post and asked new people using the existing wallet to start supporting the blockchain. He offers new users 100 STK and the community grows rapidly to more than 150 people from all over the world! We choose a new name for StakeCoin and StakeChain we like!


The current mission is:

In my next blog I shall explain in more detail what Fair PoS means and how we test this with the new community.